Alde central heating

The Alde central heating system uses a glycol based antifreeze within the radiators to protect against frost, corrosion and bacterial contamination. The working life of most of these solutions is two years and so it is always advisable to have the system drained and replaced after two years use. If you caravan is over 2 years old check the colour of the fluid in the header tank. Use a torch shone through the top. If it is blue the chances are it is due for replacement.

Ask 2U Services to do this for you and you will have your system filled with Comma Xtreme G40 mixed with de ionised water. This has a five year lifespan more than doubling the time between changes and ensuring your system is fully protected and in tip top condition.

We use the proprietary Alde pump to fill and bleed the system ensuring that there are no air pockets to cause cold spots in the caravan.

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