Satellite TV

With the age of digital TV now upon us you can no longer get away with watching a snowy picture in a low signal area. The picture is either there, or it isn’t.

One way of ensuring that you have a good signal is to use a satellite system. As long as you have an uninterrupted line of sight to the satellite you can get a signal, wherever you are – even on the continent (with a suitably sized dish).

2U Services can supply and install a satellite system to your caravan or motorhome enabling you to keep up with current events or avoid missing your favourite programs.

We will supply –

A 12V / 230V satellite receiver.
A standard satellite dish (size will depend on your requirements)
A tripod to mount it on.
10m satellite grade cable so you can move the dish to avoid obstructions.
A compass to locate the satellite.
A sat finder to fine tune the location process.
Interior cable and a connection point.
Full instructions to get you going.

Contact us for full details and prices.